Listen, I don’t know you. You might have become vegan yesterday, or spent your entire adult life in a coma, waking up last week thinking “now I will learn to cook.” You also might have been doing this vegan cooking thing for, like, a really long time.

I find cooking pretty interesting scientifically, and have acquired a lot of facts, opinions, stories, and experiences. It is very hard to restrain myself from sharing all those bits of information with you, person I don’t know. I think they are cool things worth knowing. But, you’re busy and have a lot of other things to do on the Internet. For this reason, I have tried to organize this blog in a way that accommodates you:

1) At the top of each post there will always be a direct link to the recipe so you can skip the science and stories behind what I’m posting. No scrolling or bullshit for you business types.

2) Burnt umber text, when moused over, reveals footnotes, caveats, or sass. None are strictly essential.

3) Posts will be tagged and categorized appropriately, so you really can use them to navigate. I promise.

4) Comments will be lightly moderated so that this remains a happy, safe space.

That’s it! Now enjoy the site. It is the result of many years thought, fun, and effort.